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Thank You Guildford Spectrum: Your Staff Understand Disability

Posted by Paul

23rd June 2017

For a lot of the clients I support, weekends and evenings signify the chance to engage in social and leisure activities which like most of us allow opportunities to have some fun. Whether it be going swimming, ten pin bowling, playing pool or going to the cinema taking part in these activities allow the individuals More…

Follow On FREE Team Leader Peer Support Event

Posted by Paul

22nd June 2017

Following the success our first Team Leader peer support event back in March, Psychology Chartered is pleased to be able to announce a second event taking place on Tuesday 11th July, 10am-1pm at our office in Havant. (19 South St, Havant, PO9 1BU) This session will focus on considerations and consequent strategies to support clients More…

Support Worker Recruitment: What Is The “Right” Way?

Posted by Paul

22nd June 2017

Getting recruitment right is something most organisations endeavour to achieve but rarely is it straightforward, cheap and sadly in the case of a number of brain injury care teams I am working with, long lasting. This is disappointing when often the emotional and financial repercussions are felt hardest by the client. So what are some More…

How to terrorists differ on psychological tests?

Posted by Charlotte

8th June 2017

A pioneering new study has sought to investigate the differences between “normal” controls and terrorists. On psychological tests that measure intelligence, aggression, emotion recognition and moral judgements Colombian paramilitary terrorists were found to differ from controls on one key outcome. The terrorists scored higher on measures of aggression, as you would expect and also showed More…

Dogs found to reduce children’s stress levels

Posted by Charlotte

15th May 2017

We’ve all heard about or seen the studies that claim that having a pet is good for a child; whether it be companionship, social skills or reducing the likelihood of developing allergies or asthma. Until now however, the science as to how exactly having a pet advantages children socially and emotionally has not been widely More…

Mental Health Awareness – Is all publicity good publicity?

Posted by Richard Maddicks

12th May 2017

My friend recently appeared uncharacteristically fractious and low in mood after some personal turmoil. When I enquired as to if and how I could help, they described how these feelings were familiar and they had previously benefitted from a prescription of anti-depressant drugs. “I know what the doctor advises Richard but I tend to just More…

Managing The Conundrum of Mental Capacity: Legal And Clinical Perspectives

Posted by Paul

27th April 2017

Managing the Conundrum of Mental Capacity SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday 26th September 10.30am-2pm at Novum Law, 6 Drakes Meadow, Swindon SN3 3LL This interactive session, combining clinical and legal expertise, provides a unique opportunity for Case Managers and Health Care Professionals to deliberate ‘thorny’ practical issues relating to managing capacity issues in the context of More…