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From Bohemian Rhapsody to Advance Decisions

Posted by Richard Maddicks

19th February 2017

‘A matter of Life & Death: Getting up to Speed on Advance Decisions’. Tuesday March 7th 2017. 6-8pm. 19 South St, Havant. A member of our team recently attended a family funeral, precipitating a coffee break conversation about our wishes for our own funerals. The conversation lurched from flippant to sombre and back again, including More…

Review- Terry Pratchett: Back in Black

Posted by Charlotte

14th February 2017

Many were shocked and saddened by the passing of Terry Pratchett in 2015. A hugely popular author he was famous for writing fantastic and surreal tales in the Discworld novels so when he passed away after a battle with Alzheimer’s many refused to believe that was the end of his story. The programme Terry Pratchett: More…

Do People Change?- Personality shown not to be as stable as first thought

Posted by Charlotte

9th February 2017

Personality has long thought to be a fairly stable construct. Sure, people might change slightly over the course of their life due to circumstance, major life events and the natural process of ageing and maturing but all in all people tend to stay the same. A new piece of research in Psychology and Ageing has found More…

A matter of life & death: Getting up to speed on Advance Decisions

Posted by Richard Maddicks

28th January 2017 An Advance Decision is a legally-binding way of influencing future health care, in the event that the person should lose mental capacity to make such choices. An AD allows someone to refuse medical treatments that they would not want and to state the circumstances under which they reject those treatments. People may use More…

Acquired Brain Injury: Managing Challenging behaviour in the Community

Posted by Paul

24th January 2017

Tuesday 28th March, 1-5pm at our offices in Havant. Psychology Chartered are delivering support worker training designed to target the very specific and often challenging aspects of working with adults with an acquired brain injury. This personal development course will improve the support worker’s ability to:- – Identify key considerations when “continually risk assessing” whilst More…

Blue Monday: genuine health phenomenon or marketing strategy?

Posted by Paul

16th January 2017

How “blue” is today looking for you? According to “experts” today could be the most depressing Blue Monday we have seen for some time due to factors including a tragically high number of celebrity deaths, Brexit and Donald Trump becoming president of the US. Having looked at a range of publications in today’s media outlets More…

Free Introductory Mindfulness Sessions

Posted by Charlotte

5th January 2017

Psychology Chartered are running a set of FREE weekly mindfulness sessions starting later this month. The sessions are aimed at individuals with chronic health conditions (physical or psychological) and will provide an introduction to mindfulness and the benefits of practice a relaxed and informal small group setting. All are welcome whether you’ve never even heard of More…

B21 – Coping with Brain & Spinal Injury in the 21st Century

Posted by Richard Maddicks

30th December 2016

This new magazine is founded on the established and succesful C21, a publication which has promoted knowledge and education in cancer care (   The excellent quality of the magazine and associated web-site makes difficult and challenging topics interesting and accessible to a wide audience. From new research, myth busters, case studies to legal advice, More…

Review of 2016: “Bovvered?” The Interpretation of Effort Test Scores in Expert Assessments

Posted by Richard Maddicks

30th December 2016

As part of our review of our 2016 blogs, we’re revisiting topics that have been of particular relevance and interest to our work. We are frequently asked to explain effort testing in cognitive assessment.  This blog explains why people perform variably on formal tests, underlining the importance of context, understanding the complexity of psychometrics and More…

Highlights of 2016: Louis Theroux – A Different Brain

Posted by Richard Maddicks

29th December 2016

As part of our review of our 2016 blogs, we’re revisiting topics that have been of particular relevance and interest to our work. Authenticity and exploration of challenging topics are key features of Louis Theroux’s work.  Charlotte McWilliam’s blog reviewed his documentary, aired in May, which was sometimes difficult to watch…… In his most recent More…