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A Mothers Intuition

Posted by Elliot Miller

2nd February 2018

By Chloe Nunan

Each day proves to be a work out for mothers in the younger years of their children’s lives. Carrying, pushing, rocking, feeding, cuddling and lifting; new mums arms do A lot on a daily basis. As a mother, picking up your child is instinctive and natural but being a mother or not we all know how to pick up a child without having to think about it.

Suppose we do think about it…?

Have you noticed how mothers, by large numbers, have a tendency to carry their infants on their LEFT hand side, on the left hip. Strangely enough, this is not just by coincidence but another one of the amazing act our bodies perform autonomously.

Nature, Ecology and Evolution have published research that claims mothers tend to hold their little ones to the left to spur the right hand side of the brain into action. This lateral preference is because of the right brains main functions of emotion and visual information interpretation. So by engaging the right hand side of the brain the mother is then better equipped to make sense of the baby’s needs, sounds and their expressions. This is known as ‘lateralisation’ and it is interestingly something we are thought to share with ancestors and even some mammals including Whales and even Reindeers.

The report explains, “The position of an infant on the mother’s left side may optimise maternal monitoring by directing sensory information predominantly to the mother’s right hemisphere.”

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