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Brain Injury Support Worker Training Programme

Brain Injury Support Worker Training Programme

Based upon 7 years of designing and delivering training to support workers and carers, our programme offers a series of courses addressing specific topics and issues typically associated with working with adults with a brain injury. Delivered by a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Assistant Psychologist, the courses offer opportunities to learn and implement new skills in a dynamic, interactive and supportive environment. Participant feedback from sessions is excellent and our commitment to providing the highest quality training experiences remains paramount.

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In addition to bespoke training sessions negotiated with support work employers, the following pre-designed courses are now available:

Introduction to supporting clients with a brain injury

This 1-day course is designed for support workers with little or no experience of working with adults with a brain injury. It provides essential knowledge regarding brain injury, cognitive, emotional and behavioural changes and key skills for working with the client and their family.

Working with clients with disinhibition, reduced initiation and negativity

Among the most challenging aspects of supporting adults following brain injury, this interactive 1 day course offers support workers an opportunity to build of existing knowledge and develop new skills via individual and group exercises, scenarios and discussion.

Supporting clients with personal relationships

This ½ day course provides information and opportunities to consider effective, safe and ethical ways of enabling clients to form and maintain relationships. This includes key areas such as the use of social media,

Setting and maintaining appropriate boundaries with clients following brain injury

Working effectively with clients invariably demands forming close, long term and often intense relationships. This ½ day event provides support workers with guidance, information and skills for managing complex working relationships.

Working effectively with clients with communication difficulties

Communication disorders are common following brain injury, often necessitation high levels of knowledge and skill to effectively deliver care and provide support. This interactive 1 day course provides a vital opportunity for support workers and carers to learn and implement new communication skills and increase their confidence in working with clients.

Listening Skills and Motivational Interviewing

This 1 day course is highly interactive and skills based. Providing opportunities to learn and practice active listening, the day also considers communication as a key to supporting clients with brain injury to think about making changes in their lives.

Effective stress management for support workers & carers

Despite the evidence regarding the prevalence of stress and burnout in carers and support workers (and its association with increased absences due to sickness and poor staff retention), care organisations and employers often overlook the importance of addressing this. This practical 1 day course offers attendees opportunities to learn and practice new skills and techniques enabling them to manage to the demands and challenges of this work more effectively.

SOS — Supporting Our Support Staff

This 2½ hour meeting combines a 1 hour presentation with an informal and relaxed opportunity for support workers to meet, discuss issues of importance to their work role and set the agenda for subsequent meetings.