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Welcome to Psychology Chartered

We believe that psychology can change how we live and improve who we are.

 Whether young or old, healthy or sick, an individual, family or organisation, psychology has influenced our lives in significant and positive ways.

 This isn’t just our view. The evidence base for psychological interventions and treatments speaks for itself and underpins its ever growing contribution to health and social care, education, law, business and elite sport.

Psychology Chartered has been applying this knowledge and experience to real life problems since 2003.  However, as the evidence base grows and psychological skills evolve, our dynamic service is evolving to meet the increasingly challenging demands of living today and the changing world we live in.

We believe that achieving a sustainable and dynamic business is entirely compatible with maintaining our strong values regarding working collaboratively, sharing ideas and offering our professional expertise via consultation, training and supervision.

We know that we can only progress and develop by listening to clients, referrers and each other. In fact, being entirely open to feedback and advice makes our service more responsive and relevant. We look forward to working with you, accepting the challenges presented in the course of this work with respect and compassion but also an unwavering belief and confidence that psychology is a compelling force for positive change and innovation.

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Meet the Team

Richard Maddicks

Richard Maddicks

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and Director

Richard’s decision to pursue neuropsychology followed his experience during doctoral training at Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre in 1995.  He went on to complete his post-doctoral More...
Elliot Miller

Elliot Miller

Assistant Psychologist

Elliot graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London with a BSc in Psychology with Clinical Psychology in 2016. His first graduate job was working as a More...
Meet the rest of the team

Case Studies

Sam’s Tourette’s syndrome & psychological treatment
Sam, aged 29, lives in Portsmouth and was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome in early childhood ( The separation of his parents during adolescence caused significant emotional difficulties for Sam and whilst remaining dependent on his family, he experiences communication with his parents extremely stressful. In the past, Sam has refused More...

Case Studies

Assessing Mental Capacity
Last year, John (aged 24) from Hampshire had a traumatic brain injury which affected his memory, executive functioning. John was increasingly impulsive and would buy multiple items of something he has seen advertised online even if he didn’t really want them, this has continued excessively and has left John with More...
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Have you realised how throughout the 2018 World Cup England seems to have become an all-round ‘happier’ place? How long this will last is uncertain but the positive effect it has had over the last 30 days has been sensational. The England 2018 football team have somehow revived the nation and made us all smile and cheer. We have become closer More...

13 Reasons Why, One Strong Message

By Oscar Johnson. “13 Reasons Why” is a 2007 novel by Jay Asher and in 2017 was developed into a Netflix series. It follows the aftermath of a girl named Hannah Baker’s suicide. She had recorded and shared 13 cassette tapes laying blame on 13 separate people. The series aims to delve into the mind of a teenager and raise More...
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