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Study Gives New Meaning to ‘Gut Feeling’

Posted by Paul

18th September 2017

By Elliot Miller New research published in the journal Microbiome, has found that gut bacteria may have an impact on brain development and anxiety-like behaviour. Whilst previous research has revealed a link between the gut microbiome – all of our microbes’ genes – and anxiety, the study is the first to show a link between More…

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Early Life Linked to Alcohol Abuse

Posted by Paul

24th August 2017

By Elliot Miller The relationship between traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and alcohol abuse has long been considered to be unidirectional, with drinking a significant risk factor for TBI. While drunk, people are at an increased risk of head injuries. In the US, up to 50% of TBI emergency department admissions involve alcohol use. But could More…

Are We Any Closer To Curing Parkinson’s?

Posted by Paul

16th August 2017

Written by Olivia Fretwell – work experience. A recent trial to stop the progression of Parkinson’s has been tested for 60 weeks on 62 patients that has had positive results which will help to develop further research into being able to slow and potentially halt the progression of this disease. The drug being tested was More…

Psychology Chartered Is Looking to Hire A Clinical Psychologist Specialising In Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Posted by Paul

14th August 2017

Clinical Psychologist – Autistic Spectrum Conditions (part-time, 18.75 hours)    Employer:  Psychology Chartered  Location: Hampshire  Salary: £33,000 to £42,000 pro rata (dependent upon experience)  Contract: 2 years fixed term   A new and unique job opportunity has arisen for a Clinical Psychologist to deliver a specialist psychological service for older children and adults with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC) and the professionals, employers and carers who support them.    Including assessment and post-diagnostic More…

Is Working Long Hours Bad For Your Heart?

Posted by Paul

14th August 2017

Written by Olivia Fretwell – work experience student. A recent study published by the Guardian raises awareness around how working longer hours doesn’t just mean you’re less efficient in your work and more tired, but also can increase the risk of mental health problems as well as a heart condition, atrial fibrillation. This can lead More…

Why did you watch Love Island?

Posted by Paul

11th August 2017

Written by Olivia Fretwell – work experience student. Love Island is a reality TV programme where in the beginning 5 boys and 6 girls enter a luxury Majorcan villa. The islanders have to be coupled up and do various challenges within their couple throughout the period they are coupled up. New boys and girls enter More…

Exclude Exclusion, Not Children

Posted by Paul

3rd August 2017

By Elliot Miller The Department for Education (DfE) recently published figures on permanent and fixed period exclusions from state-funded schools, during the 2015/16 academic year. A total 9,250 permanent and fixed period exclusions were issued for drugs and alcohol in 2015/16, the highest rate since 2010. Overall, exclusions for drug and alcohol related offences have increased over More…

The UK Spice Epidemic: Prelude to a Zombie Apocalypse?

Posted by Paul

31st July 2017

By Elliot Miller “Dawn of the Living Dead: Drug-users become ‘ZOMBIES’ after smoking super-strong Spice”, reads the Daily Mail. But what is spice and are people actually turning into ‘zombies’? Spice is a mixture of dried herbs and plant material sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids, laboratory-made chemicals which mimic the effects of THC – the psychoactive compound More…

Is the Education System Failing Students who are being excluded?

Posted by Paul

26th July 2017

By Zara Searley This interesting article retrieved from the BBC website, explores the students who are excluded and perhaps reveals the misunderstandings of mental health within the education system. This may be suggested by the fact that almost half of students excluded are reported as having a mental health condition. Whilst students appear to suffer More…