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From Research-led To Research-Based Learning: Including Students As Partners In Research

Posted by Paul

16th October 2017

By Ellen Shaw This week the university of Bournemouth held a conference bringing together experts in higher education research and teaching policy, to share their insights into the importance of the connections between education and research. This included case studies from universities who are already successfully connecting the two.       In my experience during More…

Psychology Chartered to Launch Assistant Group

Posted by Elliot Miller

11th October 2017

Hello! I’m Elliot, the new Assistant Psychologist here at Psychology Chartered. We are an independent clinical psychology service, providing specialist assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for adults with a neuropsychological condition. I am launching an Assistant Psychologist Group to be held at our office in Havant. But before I tell you about the group, I thought More…

My top tips for keeping mentally well at work

Posted by Paul

10th October 2017

By Elliot Miller It’s World Mental Health Day 2017. On 10 October every year, World Mental Health Day is celebrated. Mental Health in the workplace is the theme of this year’s 25th annual World Mental Health Day. An NHS report estimates that nearly one in three ‘sick notes’ are for mental health problems; however, these More…

Namophobia: How Anxious Do You Feel When Separated From Your Mobile Phone?

Posted by Paul

3rd October 2017

Mobile phones. Many of us have them; many of us ‘can’t live without them’. But is there really such a thing as “Nomophobia?” (no mobile phobia). Is it possible to suffer from phone separation anxiety? In an article published in the Guardian recently, researchers argue that it is possible to suffer with anxiety when separated More…

Mental Capacity Event Well Received by Case Managers

Posted by Paul

2nd October 2017

  Last week saw Psychology Chartered’s Director, Dr Richard Maddicks, team up with Novum Law Director Huw Ponting to deliver a unique insight into the legal and clinical considerations of assessing mental capacity when thinking about individuals with an acquired brain injury. More specifically, Richard’s and Huw’s presentations addressed the very current and complex challenges facing More…

Support Worker Training: Working With Clients Who Display Challenging Behaviours

Posted by Paul

25th September 2017

Working with Clients who display Challenging Behaviours – A skills based training day for the Support Worker Tuesday 23rd January 23rd January 2018 10am – 4pm at Psychology Chartered Office, 19 South Street, Havant, Hants, PO9 1BU Psychology Chartered are introducing support worker training designed to target the very specific and often challenging aspects of More…

Study Gives New Meaning to ‘Gut Feeling’

Posted by Paul

18th September 2017

By Elliot Miller New research published in the journal Microbiome, has found that gut bacteria may have an impact on brain development and anxiety-like behaviour. Whilst previous research has revealed a link between the gut microbiome – all of our microbes’ genes – and anxiety, the study is the first to show a link between More…

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Early Life Linked to Alcohol Abuse

Posted by Paul

24th August 2017

By Elliot Miller The relationship between traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and alcohol abuse has long been considered to be unidirectional, with drinking a significant risk factor for TBI. While drunk, people are at an increased risk of head injuries. In the US, up to 50% of TBI emergency department admissions involve alcohol use. But could More…

Are We Any Closer To Curing Parkinson’s?

Posted by Paul

16th August 2017

Written by Olivia Fretwell – work experience. A recent trial to stop the progression of Parkinson’s has been tested for 60 weeks on 62 patients that has had positive results which will help to develop further research into being able to slow and potentially halt the progression of this disease. The drug being tested was More…