Psychology Chartered

Case Studies

Saturday 7th January 2017

Sam’s Tourette’s syndrome & psychological treatment

Sam, aged 29, lives in Portsmouth and was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome in early childhood ( The separation of his parents during adolescence caused significant emotional difficulties for Sam and whilst remaining dependent on his family, he experiences communication with his parents extremely stressful. In the past, Sam has refused to take his medication, which More…

Tuesday 12th August 2014

Assessing Mental Capacity

Last year, John (aged 24) from Hampshire had a traumatic brain injury which affected his memory, executive functioning. John was increasingly impulsive and would buy multiple items of something he has seen advertised online even if he didn’t really want them, this has continued excessively and has left John with very little money to partake More…

Tuesday 12th August 2014

Cognitive Assessment

After an accident in 2010, Steve (aged 40) sustained a brain injury and several orthopaedic injuries. He left hospital and returned home to his family in Havant where he continued to receive rehabilitation from a multi-disciplinary team. Steve’s Occupational Therapist  had noticed that he would forget information between sessions so she decided to refer Steve More…

Wednesday 6th March 2013

Mindfulness Group

As a result of a stroke, Jenny (40) was left with cognitive difficulties and was unable to return to her job as a school teacher in Gosport. Jenny was finding social situations embarrassing, daily tasks were challenging and she was becoming increasingly overwhelmed and stressed. To help with her adjustment and ability to cope, Jenny More…

Wednesday 6th March 2013

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Penny, aged 58, lives in her own property in Lee-on-Solent, supported and supervised by 24 hour carers. She suffered severe cognitive impairment secondary to Korsakoffs syndrome in 1996 following a long history of alcohol misuse and depression. Since her illness, Penny suffered with severe amnesia accompanied by emotional lability associated with refusal of medication, food More…

Wednesday 6th March 2013

Psychological Treatment of Multiple Traumas

Chris, 37, from Waterlooville,  sustained significant orthopaedic injuries in an industrial accident in 2008. His recovery from his physical injuries progressed well.  However, Chris discontinued appointments with a psychological therapist attempting to assist him with post traumatic symptoms, including panic attacks, recurrent and persisting nightmares and intrusive thoughts about the accident. Chris was referred to More…