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Medically Unexplained Symptoms: How misunderstanding leads to mistakes

Posted by Lexi Nye

4th December 2018

By Lily Hopkins The term Medically Unexplained Symptoms, or MUS, refers to persistent bodily complaints, such as pain, seizures and fatigue, which have no identifiable physical explanation. These symptoms are more common than you may think, with a recent publication by the Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health finding that an estimated 52% of patients More…

Mental Health – let’s talk.

Posted by Chloe Nunan

11th October 2018

It is never easy opening up to someone about your mental health. It never gets easier to try and find a way to describe the heavy feelings in your chest, the constant whirling of sad thoughts that sit in your head and the lack of motivation you sometimes have to just get out of bed. More…