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New!!! Risks of Social Media and Internet Use

Posted by Lexi Nye

1st November 2018

We are delighted to announce a new forthcoming training event for 2019: Risks of Social Media and Internet Use on the 29th January 2019.  This training event will be held at our Havant premises and is targeted at case managers and team leaders. It will provide up to date information, advice and discussion regarding the risks presented by More…

#TheCircle- the new reality show for the age of social media!

Posted by Lexi Nye

12th October 2018

With a chance to win a fifty thousand pound cash prize, players moved into a new reality show The Circle!  Each player was placed into a separate apartment without seeing or hearing one another. The only way the players communicated was through a specially designed social media platform called, you’ve guessed it – The Circle. More…

Schizophrenia: Resynchronising and Restoring Brain Dynamics

Posted by Lexi Nye

1st October 2018

New research has sparked a viable treatment route for schizophrenia!  Current treatments for schizophrenia include atypical antipsychotics which target the dopaminergic and serotonergic systems. Although these are found highly effective for managing many schizophrenic symptoms, such as delusions, these atypical antipsychotics are argued to not be as effective for improving cognitive symptoms, for example poor More…

World Suicide Prevention Day 2018

Posted by Chloe Nunan

10th September 2018

Year after year suicide remains in the top 20 leading causes for death worldwide being responsible for over 800,000 deaths. This figure equates to one suicide happening every 40 seconds and remains a huge universal challenge. Every life lost represents someone’s child, partner, friend or colleague and many more are impacted by this loss. It More…

September is Oddfellows Friendship Month!

Posted by Chloe Nunan

1st September 2018

True friendships help us grow. They help us become better people and help build a better society based on better values. They truly are priceless! These values are strongly believed and lived by at the Oddfellows. For over 200 years the Oddfellows have helped its members create friendships and offer help to them through times More…

Limited Spaces Left For Our Sex, Drugs and Risk Assessment Training Event!

Posted by Chloe Nunan

31st August 2018

Tuesday the 25th of September 2018 is fast approaching for our Sex, Drugs and Risk Assessment training event! Not be missed, this event will be focusing on the effective management of challenging behaviours associated with sex, drug and alcohol use.  This will involve a combination of clinical and legal expertise discussion lead by our very More…

13 Reasons Why, One Strong Message

Posted by Chloe Nunan

9th July 2018

By Oscar Johnson. “13 Reasons Why” is a 2007 novel by Jay Asher and in 2017 was developed into a Netflix series. It follows the aftermath of a girl named Hannah Baker’s suicide. She had recorded and shared 13 cassette tapes laying blame on 13 separate people. The series aims to delve into the mind More…

Can Playing Chess Improve Cognition?

Posted by Paul

31st May 2018

By Nina Kaminska (Portsmouth College Work Experience Student) A recent meta-analysis, carried out in 2016 by Sala and Gobet, has evaluated the effectiveness of chess instruction. The meta-analysis, including 24 studies and 40 effect sizes, shows that chess does seem to enhance primary and middle school student’s achievement in mathematics and overall cognitive ability- this More…

Music: What Feeling Sounds Like

Posted by Elliot Miller

21st May 2018

By Chloe Nunan We all know a song that makes us think of a certain time, with certain people; but the best feeling is hearing a new song that makes us instantly feel happy. From the very beginning our brains are wired to understand and process music and although not considered ‘vital’ for survival, many More…

Teachers Are Not Being Adequately Trained In Mental Health Support

Posted by Paul

8th March 2018

By Caitlin Rutherford An online survey conducted by the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) of 3000 teachers has shown that overall they do not feel that they or their schools are sufficiently trained in mental health to be able to support their pupils. The survey showed: 66% said that they feel they had not More…