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Review- Terry Pratchett: Back in Black

Posted by Charlotte

14th February 2017

Many were shocked and saddened by the passing of Terry Pratchett in 2015. A hugely popular author he was famous for writing fantastic and surreal tales in the Discworld novels so when he passed away after a battle with Alzheimer’s many refused to believe that was the end of his story. The programme Terry Pratchett: More…

ACT Made Simple – Review

Posted by Charlotte

29th April 2015

ACT Made Simple: An Easy-to-Read Primer on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. ACT Made Simple is just that. This easy to follow and easy to read introduction is a guided journey through understanding the underlying principles as well as the practical use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  It is recommended that those new to ACT read More…

Book Review – Do No Harm

Posted by Richard Maddicks

11th February 2015

Book review of Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery by Henry Marsh, published by Phoenix Books. Book review by Dr Richard Maddicks ‘I feel like a medieval knight mounting his horse and setting off in pursuit of a mythical beast. And the view down the microscope into the patient’s brain is More…

How To Be Sick by Toni Bernhard

Posted by Richard Maddicks

22nd October 2014

  ‘How To Be Sick; A Buddhist-Inspired Guide For The Chronically Ill And Their Care Givers’ by Toni Bernhard, Wisdom Publications, Boston, 2010. Review by Dr Richard Maddicks A truism it may be, but the thing about many chronic illnesses is that, by definition, it is persistent or does not get better. The multiple implications More…

What is digital technology doing to your brain?

Posted by Juanita Merriman

15th August 2014

  Mind Change is due to be published 21st August 2014 by Random House. In Mind Change, Susan Greenfield discusses the all-pervading technologies that now surround us, and from which we derive instant information, connected identity, diminished privacy and exceptionally vivid here-and-now experiences. In her view they are creating a new environment, with vast implications, More…

Book Review: ‘Shrinking the Smirch’ by Jo Johnson

Posted by Juanita Merriman

22nd July 2014

Click play to listen to our interview with Jo Johnson about her recent book, ‘Shrinking the Smirch’: Book Review – Shrinking the Smirch I was recently talking with a young man who was struggling with the ongoing and multiple challenges associated with his spinal cord injury.  He described the profound fear he experienced when waking More…

Book Review: Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Posted by Juanita Merriman

15th January 2014

Shaped by psychological discoveries of recent decades, Daniel Kahneman presents his current understanding of judgement and decision making in his book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’.  Using his fictitious characters ‘system 1’ and ‘system 2’ to describe our different modes of thinking, Kahneman leads the reader to understand how we are not the creatures of reason More…

Book Review “My Parent Has A Brain Injury” Jo Johnson

Posted by Juanita Merriman

24th April 2013

Georgia (age 14) and Zeke’s (age 12) dad had a brain injury 5 years ago. They commented the following on Jo’s book “My parent has a brain injury” “This book made us feel less alone and more open to talking about our experiences and feelings. Throughout the book there are well presented and colourful speech More…